A place of first loves, a place that became a great tourist spot, a place that has history, a place everyone finds ‘ganda’ (beautiful) – Casa de Segunda.

It was afternoon when we reached Casa de Segunda in Lipa City. A great time, in my opinion, to visit the place that caught many people’s attention. As you enter, you notice the garden and fountain that stood front and centre. It made me wonder how beautiful things used to be at that time and how they managed to keep the house together as a whole despite World War II. As I was standing, the windows of the house were widely open for us to view – a kitchen and a living room could be seen so far. As one enters this inherited home, a piece of history is re-lived. Memories from when the house was built are on the centre table, plus photos of Segunda Katigbak and of Jose Rizal, as well as family pictures and relatives The vintage furniture that filled the whole entire house were so fragile yet beautiful looking. The artworks and pictures that were placed on the walls, all so eye-catching and traditional. As I stepped with my heels into the room of who was Jose Rizal’s first love, I was in love. It was princess looking yet classic, the kind I loved. Of course, with a place and view like that, who wouldn’t want to take pictures? I took out every gadget I had and started snapping pictures – of myself and things around.

The whole house was the typical “Bahay Na Bato”, it has a Spanish touch in the architecture but it was still so tropical.

“To foretell the destiny of a nation, it is necessary to open the book that tells of her past.”

-Jose Rizal


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