San Sebastian Cathedral is one of the most historical churches that define Lipa as a religious city. The church had a Romanesque architecture designed with steel towers. It was filled with warm colours and interesting details. As you get closer to the attraction of the city, Lipa Cathedral Church, you can hear a MASS ongoing from the big high door that was opened for people’s entering. Being from a different religion, Islam, I was ready to learn and see things from different religious sides.

The people that sat beside the door in the entrance were very welcoming with smiles on their faces. The main entrance is worthy of a mention. As you look ahead, you’d notice the various images and sculptures that were carved. The long aisle was worth the walk because at the end of it was the altar. The ceiling above the altar is a dome painted with images of saints that filled and brightened up the whole place. Definitely, the main thing that caught my eyes.

The right-side corridor had activities to encourage people to show their devotion to God and a way to gain money in order to maintain the Cathedral – 2 pesos for a candle to pray.

Indeed, the Lipa Cathedral is easily one of the most beautiful places of worship in the city and country.


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