As I pulled out my favourite Arabic dish, maloubeh, out of the oven after waiting for an hour or more, the satisfying smell that came with it struck a feeling in me. Yes, half of it is the grumbling my tummy made, but the other half is the feeling of fulfillment for making something my family would be proud of. Maloubeh was an Arabic delicacy. I always thought it was impossible to remake my grandmother’s ultimate dish, but then I realised it’s only impossible until it’s done. It made me think that if I was able to create that beautiful dish and wait for it, it’s bound to come out right.

Just like every good dish, there is a recipe to achieve the deliciousness. Life is a kitchen, put your best apron on and whip something delicious. Success doesn’t come if you don’t get up and work for it. Think of success as the stairway to your favourite dish – to get a taste of it, you have to go step by step. Each step represents an ingredient or a skill. Laying out what you need to get and what you need to do to get where you want to is the first step. Positivity is the main ingredient to becoming successful. A goal without positivity is like food without salt, tasteless. Putting your heart into the thing you want gives the dish a big kick to the taste buds. Always leave room for a challenge. If it isn’t challenging, it isn’t worth it. Another ingredient is a helping hand from someone. Tell someone about what you plan on creating, they can help you improve your goals and add a little spice and fun into it. Next step, start. Start working on it and putting things together. Start pouring out your skills and creativity. Start and never give up. Add a big hit of hope and keep working till you reach the very last step. And when you get there – when you get to the very last step, pig out and enjoy your output because you sure do deserve it. You got this far, so don’t think of it as the end of the line. Don’t stop at this. Take this success recipe and create more. Creating so much more till you can create your own cookbook of success.


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