Without tolerance, our world turns into hell. I personally believe frustrations, conflicts, and pressure is God’s way of testing our ability and how much we can handle. The AlMighty will not put us in situations and events that we can’t get through. I learned it the hard way.

Years ago, I was the careless little girl who thought that life was easy, probably because I believed everything was going to be okay as long as my dad was around. He always took care of everything I needed. But then I realised, not every year or every day for the coming days will it be this way. I realised that I had to start taking care of things on my own. As soon as I had that realisation, I started running into my worst enemies: Frustration, Conflict, and Pressure. I didn’t want my dad to be the one who deals with my problems, I want him to support me while I deal with them and so that’s what happened.

My father stood thick and thin with me, making it clear to me that if I wanted to get through my frustrations, conflicts, and pressures, I have to tolerate what comes to me. I took what he said and I still use it to this day.

Tolerating everything made me realise that all the things that hit me, frustration, conflict and pressure, are all given to me to help me grow both mentally and emotionally. I now have high concentration, good timing and anticipation skills, and I finish things on time before I end up cramming at the last minute – all the characteristics needed for school.

“The heart of wisdom is tolerance.”

The man behind my tolerance, my father 

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