After having a conversation with people in different countries and parts of the world, I learned that peace isn’t something you wish for, it is something you make. I learned that listening to what one wants instead of always being the one with the voice can better the conversation.

People pictured negative images in their heads about Philippines because of the media of today when things in the country isn’t bad at all. People in different countries were forced to ask us, the people of the Philippines, about all the ‘negative’ situations media pushed into their heads and understood our answers rather than judging and second-guessing.  Because of that I also learned that peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.  What I particularly found interesting about the whole conference is that we tried to understand one another’s differences and knowledge.

I see conflict in the things media forced into our heads. The media has a way of making us believe in a particular subject, not giving us a chance to see the story from the other side. I want to be a peacemaker in which other people take the time to listen or go deeper into an issue and look at different stories than believe anything the first thing they see in the media. Peace can be found and is only created within a person when they contain the truth and understand and accept all the attachments and differences that come along with it. When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

We are the dreamers of tomorrow. We should respect the brain and build the mind.



The models on the featured imaged (from left to right) are Gabriel Kitamura, Katya Mazloum (me), Geraldine Hernandez, Sofia Torrano, and Omar Mazloum.

Credits to Ms. Viola for the picture.


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