After 9 years of scoring less than first place in intramurals, the 10th year is the year that changed and the yellow tigers win over-all champions.

Intramurals, taken place last October 11 to 14 in Stonyhurst Southville International School, taught every student-athlete that sports can bring out a character they never had and helps them gain the 5C’s, which are: competence, character, commitment to achieve, collaboration, and creativity.

Yellow tigers seeking redemption for all the years they weren’t champions, they used the 5C’s with an extra twist of intelligence. The tigers committed and were dedicated to the team and wanted to achieve more than just winning games, but also winning over-all champion. With their growth mindset, eager claws, and competence, the pact of tigers collaborated together and shared their intelligence and creativity and managed to catch their prey.

The yellow tigers showed more than collaboration, hard work, and dedication. They showed that even with having fewer members of the pact than the red warriors, green army or blue thunderwolves, they gave and showed more.

“Sometimes less is more”, one of the tigresses roared.


Yellow Tigresses huddle before facing the Blue Thunderwolves

credits to the people who took the candid pictures, as well as Sir Eythan Ibuna for the pictures.


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