A paraphrased version, by me, of the poem “Don’t Quit” by Edgar A.

There are going to be times where things don’t go your way; things go wrong. We can’t change the fact that it is bound to happen. The harder the struggle, the bigger the triumph. It’s difficult to keep going on, but worse to regret. Times of hardship may be the time to run an extra mile and push harder. Sometimes the path you’re taking may have many bumps like a roller coaster taking different twists, turns, ups and down. There will be things to climb over as well as get through. But know, success doesn’t come easy, it takes. And if it does come easy, it’s not worth it. People learned that the hard way. Tight roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Failures catch up to people because without failure; one will not know success. Take your time trying to make things work, try again. And then try once more. Failure is your opportunity to begin again only this time more wisely. Stop doubting your capabilities and stop overthinking your progress. You are capable of many things though they may be far from reaching – for now. You are capable of many things, just believe it.

Usually, ones who are facing hardships feels like giving up when they feel like no difference is being made to what they are trying to achieve. When really, you are closer to the goal line than you think. You may no longer care to continue striving for what you want, all you want to do is give up and cry. The thought of smiling no longer hits you. You know little of what lies ahead for you. Take your time, take a break. Make sure to get back up, stronger than ever.

Your failures will stop you from running towards what you want even when you’re just about to reach the finish line. You will only realise what you’ve lost when it’s too late, and the whistle is blown. Don’t let that get to you. Remember, the most difficult times are the times to give your best.

Never give up, run towards success.

The original poem by Edgar A.

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