Sometimes I like to stand in my food pantry and just stare at it. Sometimes when I’m trying to lose weight, I pick out snacks that are healthiest but are they? There is always room for midnight snacks, and that’s when I asked myself, “Does food labels help us or hurt us?”

Being the curious person I am, I ended up googling honest food labels (while munching on some snacks). I found out that many food products are misleading people with their labels. Also giving false hope that they would lose weight if they ate a nutrition bar when actually, they gain double the calories.. sad.

“Media products may or may not be healthy and truthful depending on the way they are created. Therefore, consumers must be aware of the media products they entertain.”

I believe businesses should make it a law to print out honest food labels. It is standard practice for advertisements to include some information in prints and labels. However, this information must not contradict the overall message of the ad. Being a media and information literate person, one should know what they post or send out and why. They should be cautious of what they sell and what feedback they may get.


For example, I saved two pictures online – one being the original skittles label, the other being the HONEST skittles label.


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