This is a story of how two lovers relationship was put on hold. You will never feel the constant ache of not being able to be with the person you’re in love with. The person you love is hundreds of miles away. You can’t hug them for comfort or kiss them with passion. You will never understand the pain. The closest thing you get to being with them is maybe a Skype call.

Damon was young when he first asked Elena out. She was so witty; she could give comedians a run for their money. With her wavy brown hair that never seemed to end, her passion for people around her and let’s just say her infinite ways of catching people’s attention, everyone was surprised she chose the boy who never treated her right, Damon.

Elena told Damon she was moving to California for education, he was as supportive as he could try to be and waved her off with a smile, knowing that it was a tiny blip and they’d be okay. He had held onto her before she left with teary eyes and a kiss on the head, Damon knew that she was the most beautiful thing that his heart ever had a grip of, but he had to let her go. He didn’t want to kiss her goodbye; that was the trouble; he wanted to kiss her goodnight.. and there’s a lot of difference. Elena knew how things could get, just like the typical movies she watches – long distance ruins everything, but she stayed optimistic as he wanted her to be. She started walking away with waterfalls running down her eyes, and she knew not to look back because it would only make her feel worse about everything. Before her plane took off, she sent one last text; it wasn’t an “I love you”, or an “I miss you”, but a promise – “Reassure me that you’ll wait for me, wait for me as long as it takes just like I will for you.” He reads her text and sends, “I will wait for you no matter how long I have to.”
They continued their daily life routines, feeling lost and alone. They weren’t just each others partners. They were best friends. Two months into the long distance relationship, Elena asked to Skype, and so they spent the weekend skyping together, it was tough. It was tough for Damon to see that Elena had settled in just fine, she had a group of friends, and she was enjoying.
Weeks later they noticed their phone calls were shorter, their messages were longer, complaining about one thing or another. She’d shut herself entirely to him; he’d see a post she was tagged in, and he knew she was out. She’d see someone sharing a picture or a joke about something he had mentioned earlier to him, and she’d get jealous. There were a lot of things Elena didn’t know about him anymore, things she wouldn’t have liked, things she wasn’t okay with. There was a time she had said she snorted out her soft drink because of a joke he cracked; then he started using his humour to avoid serious conversations. Damon slowly started finding other distractions, like the school festival day where Elena was no longer involved in. The dance number that he was choreographed in required a girl, Jenna, to be joined with him. He never saw it as an opportunity to get closer to girls again, but that’s exactly what happened. Damon started growing feels for Jenna and he kept it a secret from Elena because he knew Elena would try to ruin things for him because she didn’t want anyone taking her place. Elena finds out, however, through friends back home. Elena was so scared that loving Damon was the only thing she has ever been good at and she couldn’t even do it right. Elena sends Damon a text that said, “I know about her.” “You deserve better,” he sends, with tears rolling down his phone. “That’s what you don’t get,” she sends back. “I don’t care if I deserve better because I want you.” He clears his eyes and she sends another text, “There is nothing better than you. No matter how painful distance can be, not having you as mine is worse.” “I’m sorry I lost all my feeling for you, Elena.” “How come, Damon?” “How come? I woke up one day and knew that our relationship has no new beginnings. You’re staying there, probably for good. No use to wait.” “I can’t wait to prove you wrong” she sends before she disappears from social media for weeks.
Damon tries reaching for her, but she stopped answering his calls. At first, her phone would ring nonstop while he sat on the edge of his seat listening to her caller tune, and expecting her voice to break through the melody but it never did. The caller tune eventually got replaced by a robotic, monotonous voice telling him the number he was trying to call was not available. Some nights, he swears he could feel a weariness in the robotic voice as if it was tired of repeating “the number you are trying to call is not available” over and over again. He tries the number again, and it rings for a while and just as he’s thinking of dropping the call he hears the pickup beep and Elena’s voice floods into his ear. “Hello?” “Hey,” he answers, “I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for awhile now.” “I know, and before you say anything I wanted to tell you that I hate you. I hate that I love you and I hate that I still look at you the same, nothing has changed since I left. I’d tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart when I had to go, but you clearly don’t care anymore. And that’s what sucks the most, all the feelings you built for me, you just let it fall. And I hate that I’m still waiting for you to pick things up.. to pick me up. But you broke me like a promise. I still look at you the same, though, I always will.” “I’m not the person I used to be. You touched me, turned me into the person I always wanted to be – making me soft to the touch, beautiful to look at, the boy everybody envied me for. Then you left, just like that. I turned bitter, started doing things you told me to stay away from, hoping to find you there, catch a glimpse of you on the bottom of my seventh shot, feel your name burn into my throat as I inhale the smoke and exhale everything that’s left of you inside me. I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror anymore.” The phone call ended.

He knows he broke her heart. He sends her text, “I promise we will always find each other and go back to each other. I don’t want anything other than that.” “I wish we could go back, start over.” “It’s not too late.” “But it is,” she says, a bitter smile tugging at her lips. “It always will be.” We tried a thousand times to make it work.” He said, “Let’s make it a thousand and one.”

He asks, “Do you want to go the distance?”
She answers, “For you? I don’t mind the gap.”


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