As I said previously in my “Knowledge From Media” post, Media can make or break a person. If you were to make a mistake on media, specifically social media, people can frame those errors and display them infinitely.

I believe, just like Publilius Syrus: “A good reputation matters more than money.” One doesn’t understand how important the way people see you are. Regarding what you do on the internet and how you portray yourself. As a digitally literate person, I am cautious of what I post on the web and what people can do to what I do. I’d rather be right and different than be humiliated and wrong. My place on the net is a well-known young footballer and fashionista who is respectable despite the comments and negativity that gets sent to me. Just like my elder sister, Yara Mazloum, I learned to respect and accept what people say about me on the net and use it to improve myself and my posts. I want to give out a respectful, loving vibe on the net and spread more love than hate. I want to be surrounded with people who bring out the good in me and give it back to them in return.

Along with success, comes a reputation of wisdom.


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