After checking out from S.O.S Village, an orphanage, on Saturday morning, my classmates, teachers, and I drove to Talisay, Batangas where we visited one of the greatest natural wonder – the Taal Volcano. It has become one of the top tourist destinations in Luzon.

Volcanoes are some of the most beautiful features of the Earth, yet they are also some of the most dangerous. They’re beneficial in many ways, but their ways can be destructive, too.

Before we could get to the actual land for the hike to the top of the volcano, we had to take a boat ride across Taal Lake to the destination. A group of students were assigned to specific boats and drivers. Luckily, I was grouped with Sofia T., Kim, and Bjorn who had a fear of falling off the boat (hahaha!). We were sun kissed and water splashed.

(Make sure you have a waterproof bag for the boat trip and a change of clothes, you will need it.)

After crossing Taal Lake, we ended up in the little city which seems fully dependent on tourism. Many horses surrounded the place and were used to ride in a hard way among rocks and narrow way to reach to the top of the volcano (poor horses 😦 ).

The beginning of the climb is a little steep, then it levels out and is pretty good. Along the way, we had to keep dodging the poor horses carrying overweight tourists. Some parts of the slopes along the trek let out some steam (or smoke) coming from its volcanic gut. It was nothing like I’ve seen before. I was amazed, truthfully.

There I was hiking up an active volcano and I was worried that something else, other than the volcano, was gonna explode — my bestfriend, Sofia T.’s, bladder as she continuously nagged that she had to pee. Really bad.

Once we reached the top, in our minds, there was no turning back. The view was sensational and breathtaking.The hot green water inside the crater stands out in contrast to the blue fresh water surrounding the volcano. Good company, good views. What could beat this?

Taal Volcano used to be just a mystery to be marvelled at from a safe distance, but taking a step further to satisfy our urge for discovery rewarded us with magnificent views of this remarkable work of nature.

It’s times like these that make living a whole lot better. I highly recommend it! Cheers to Stonyhurst Southville Kings for making this trip happen!

And for those who will grace this sweet paradise with their presence and to the locals making a living out of it: Keep the place clean. Let’s leave nothing but footprints.

(credits to Mr. Benny Hiwatig for picture displayed on the featured image)


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