The tenth foundation week in Stonyhurst Southville International School was filled with multiple events including a benefit concert, sports fest and a fitness event – Zumba.

Zumba fitness has quickly grown to one of the most popular group exercise classes on the planet. Zumba fitness is a relatively new fashion which has taken over the fitness world.

The Fitness Event, hosted by Ms. Jeanne Lago and performed by the Senior High School students (Grade 11), kicked off in the morning of February 7.

The Senior High School students, including myself, spent a week of preparation for the fitness event, including the zumba shirts, dance routines, and music. We were given time to master our different zumba routines and honestly, after mastering a zumba routine, I felt like Shakira. I may not be sexy or a good dancer, but when I’m doing zumba, I’m J-Lo, Shakira and Beyonce all rolled into one. *lols*

The zumba session was divided into four (5) sets – the warm up, dance 1, dance 2 by Ms. Richel, dance 3, and the cool down – with workouts built from dance routines with a lot of content in different dance styles. This fitness – zumba routine was done to make everyone’s morning anything but boring.

The fitness event took place in the gymnasium which surprisingly fit everyone in the school, from kindergarten to grade 11 to teachers and staff members. Dressed in their sneakers and joggers, everyone was equally as excited as we were to present our zumba routines.

As soon as the first group went up on stage for their warm up and dance set, cheers from the far end could be heard – students were ready to get groovy. Half way through, people were sweating and breathing heavily, well I was, but that didn’t stop anyone. As Qiara Guiterrez says, “Sweat is your fat crying.”

The remarks from people after the session was heartwarming.

“Everyone was left exhausted just right after the session, but were energised and fully active throughout the day,” Omar Mazloum explains. “Everyone loved it!”

“I wish we had this at least once every week. We need something like this to get through the tiring week.” Ms. Bev suggested.

Zumba doesn’t really care if you get the moves perfect; it’s more focused on the idea that you are dynamically moving the body parts it wants you to for each section of the dance in the right general area.

This Zumba session benefited a lot, whether it’s for losing a little bit of calories, for getting pressure off of their shoulders, or for just starting their day right and it was another successful event by the kings at TEN 

The back side of our customised zumba team shirts.

(credits to the Press of ‘The Heralds’ in SSIS Malarayat for the featured picture)


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