Walking in the direction of a new life, a new school, a new path – I came across a gentleman the school quite talked about.

He had the nose of a typical filipino, yet in a way, looked quite foreign to my eyes. He had plump luscious pink lips that grows chapped sometimes. His face, marked with blemishes a normal young teenager would have, looked beautiful to my native eyes. He is the height of 5’4 compared to my 5 flat. His brown hair is as unruly as he is himself, which is sometimes standing up awry and sometimes lying obediently crossing his eyes. His preadolescent awkwardness betrays his outward cool; he is both graceful and clumsy, inventing his own dance as he lives and breathes.. His eyes are clear, direct and unafraid. His fingers are chubby and short, an artist’s hand, used most often and joyfully to control his computer mice and keyboard.

He inhabits in the jungle; his classroom. As the sky for him, there is the whole school to broaden the world for him. He satisfies himself in his fantasy world, playing the noble role as the hero who does it all. He is intelligent, sharing his creativity and resourcefulness in everything he is assigned to do. In his fantasy world, he dreams of getting the girl he ran after for years. In his fantasy world, he as it all.

And yet, he also contains a streak of realism. A sometimes painfully adult streak of realism. He refuses to correct teachers even when he knows they are wrong, for the same of getting along. He goes along well with the crowd, even though in his heart he feels the crowd acts differently towards him. He will fight until the enemy’s eyes glaze over, overwhelmed by the sheer quantity and relentlessness of his fight back. Pity is there for his opportunities, then. They will receive no mercy, until the end of the game – where he shows sportsmanship and respect.

Who is to say what will become of this mix of clarity and compromise, of clear sight? Inconsistent, changeable, yet seeking a kind of clarity as a plant follows the sun. He has the heart of gold in this world of rusted iron.

Eisen, meaning “Iron”.


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