I first met her in a country I lived in yet was exotic to my nationality. Exotic to her own country. She has always been different, in looks, personality, mentality, and religously, compared to everyone around her.

The suns delicate light had just turned the world a-flame with gold when I saw her. She had a comely figure which was frankly thin, though she doesn’t believe it. Her curvilinear waist didn’t surprise me as much as the tint to her complexion. She must be a native, I thought to myself. Her cresccent shaped eyebrows inclined slightly as she caught me staring at her. Her eyelashes of velvet black blinked once slowly, the silent shy invite. Her eyes were dark as the night and eyelashes longer than the list of people I hate. Her elegant nose complimented her whole face. Her luminous heavenly-white teeth flashes as she widened. You couldn’t see much of her outlook – she is a secretive woman who holds a tail of secrets and holds parts of her body for that one day. Her honey-colored lips looked plump and botox-boosted. It surprised me to see someone so naturally so beautiful. Her beautiful face is emanding of attention. Its high cheekbones calling your eyes to the unique bone structure underlying its gentleness. She has been graced with a look that could be that of Royalty and innocence. Behind her scarf was a glorious tumble of kohl-black curls. Spoons of it plunged around her photogenic face that hid her neck, so elegantly and smooth. As you look st her hair, you notice the way the light catches in it and it shimmers as it flows with her every move. Her ears, which are rare to see, hide behind her bulky hair. She walks in Beauty, like the night. She walks so gracefully on ground like a pile of books laid on top of her hair that she couldn’t risk falling. Her beauty shines where ever she sets foot on. She always stands straight, walks proud, and has a lot of faith that she always carries around.

She is a complete lady in the extended sense of the world. By nature, she is communicative and outgoing but only if her surroundings are equally co-operative. Her biggest dream is to become a doctor and I truly believe one day she is capable of saving people’s lives as she did to me. She didn’t have to perform the typical operations, but rather she talked and I listened. Her voice brought comfort to me, though as if I’ve been hearing for the first time. She has her shortcomings. Sometimes she is absent minded and stubborn, but most of the time, for the good reasons which I frankly choose to ignore myself. She has a strong sense of responsibility and one can always rely on her, for anything that doesn’t jump out of her comfort zone. But if it’s a friend in need, she’ll go out of her way to help them. People usually mouth things, but never puts them into action. That’s what makes her so different.

She comes from a small town and maybe due to this, she is a person of integrity. Her values are too important to her and that motivate me to stand for what I believe. She is the type of girl I never thought I would come across with. But I’ve always seen beauty in darkness.

Muntaha, meaning “Utmost” or “Highest degree”.


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