Sometimes you’ll love someone so much that it doesn’t matter what happens or how they treat you… You’re going to stay and you’re going to be so goddamn in love with them that you’ll convince yourself that their toxicity is healthy for you and you’ll make them the centre of your universe. You’ll swear to yourself that you wouldn’t survive without them and your heart is going to shatter into a million pieces after they leave because you expected the darkest star to light up your whole nights sky. 

You’ll be madly in love with someone. And no matter how many doubtful opinions your friends told you, you’re completely and utterly blinded by them. They were going to destroy you and you knew it, but you don’t mind. They could drag you to hell if it meant you could hold their hand on the way down.
It’s strange how you can be desperately in love with someone even when you haven’t spoken to or even seen them for years. I think it’s incredible how despite the distance between two people, you’ll never stop loving them. That’s just how love works I suppose, you either love them forever or you never loved them to begin with. Love doesn’t leave just because the person does.
That’s why love sucks so much, because you’ll set expectations for someone you know doesn’t give half a damn about you and then you’re continuously disappointed because the image you created of them in your head is nothing like the boy who’s standing in front of you.


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