“You loved her?” She questioned him, He nodded,

“So why did you guys end? Why did you leave her?”

“Because,” he paused. 
“I don’t know. I wasn’t good for her, I hurt her, you know? I hurt her all the time and sometimes, sometimes.. I meant to and I hated myself for it but I couldn’t stop. I loved when she stared at me with her big brown eyes that were glistening from the tears. She was so in love with me and I took advantage of it, I was toxic for her. But I loved her, I still do love her. I think a part of me always will. But she deserved so much more and when I left her, I swear the cracks in her heart were visible through her eyes. You could see the pain she was feeling just by looking at her face. But I guess sometimes, you have to hurt someone to help them.”


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