He is Autumn.

He isn’t like the other boys, he’s incredibly different from everyone you’ll ever know. He does this thing where he’ll tuck your hair behind your ear while looking straight into your eyes and I swear it’s like you can almost feel him touching your soul. And his hands feel so warm against your skin which is strange considering his heart may as well be ice. He’s damaged, and you’re probably thinking “aren’t we all?” Correct. I suppose in some way we are, but he’s damaged in a way that I’m not even sure if he’ll ever be fixed. He gets pleasure from making girls fall in love with him and then crushes their little hearts while starring deep into their tear-glistening eyes and you want to hate him for it but you can’t, because even though you know it’s wrong, nothing has ever felt so right. He’ll make you think that he’s never been like this for someone, that he loves you more than he loves himself, he’ll make you think you understand him, know him.. But the truth is you never really did know him and you never will.

He reminded me of Autumn. He reminded me of a season. Yeah. I mean, he’s beautiful. Sometimes he’s warm, bright and glowing, but other times he’s the coldest person I’ve ever met and I swear to God you could see the ice in his heart through his eyes. Autumn is beautiful, but what people seem to forget about this season is that it’s when everything is dying. It’s actually rather sad when you think about it.. That’s why he reminded me of Autumn because he was so beautiful but he was dead inside, no emotion, no feeling, no nothing.

He is Autumn to me.


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