“Why did you leave her?” She asked as he twirled his finger around her hair.
“What?” He replied,

“You know, your first love. Why did you leave it?”

His fingers slowly stopped twirling around the lose curl and he paused. 
“I don’t know, I just kind of.. Left. You see, we lived in different countries and I don’t know if you’re aware but being in love with someone who lives so far away from you is hard, really hard. I thought we could do it, I thought I could do it. I thought I could be apart from her and still be with her. I thought we could cram months worth of touches and looks and kisses and laughter and whispers in the dark into the space of every other weekend. I thought I could do phone calls and falling asleep at the night to the sound of her breath on the other end of the phone. I really thought I could. 
But the truth is I couldn’t, I had to go and I didn’t let her fight for me and I didn’t reply to her messages and I didn’t pick up her phone calls and I didn’t tell her I still loved her, because I did, lord knows how much but that wasn’t the point – the point was that sometimes distance wins and we couldn’t be together, so I left.”


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