The greatest people in business have certain attributes in common. Several personal qualities are important, like a thirst for continuous education, personal drive and motivation, strong goals and ambition, clear vision, and always a great deal of passion. Beyond those personal qualities though, what makes a successful business person stand out from the crowd is what my father, founder & CEO of Smart Industry Group, taught me.

Growing up being surrounded by businesspeople, I knew ABM (Accounting Business Management) was a strand I could fit into but never thought it was the thing for me. You know what they say though, “You will never know till you try,” so I did.

One of the core subjects I agreed on taking is Economics and one of the first lessons taught is scarcity; there is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. People always want what they can’t have. It’s crazy, truly how everything around us is under the economic concepts. “NO FREE LUNCH” is one idea that moved me in a while. This idea, in short, is that nothing in life comes free. Someone always has to give up something to get something in return, whether we realise it or not.

Another subject that I took to heart is Business Ethics due to my love for my own values. I learned that learning more about empathising and how to connect with others is necessary when you want to be a successful leader in any type of business. Actively listening to potential partners, investors and others who want to work with you is necessary when networking and building relationships professionally. What it really comes down to is making connections—can you relate to your clients, investors, and potential customers. If you can make strong connections with people, it will allow you build relationships. Truthfully, business relies heavily on relationships. You will need to posses the skills necessary to build relationships with people if you plan to be successful in business. The ability to talk to anyone about anything is a talent every business man or women strives to posses, in order to make quick connections with those they interact with.

Through this strand, I have been learning how to financially manage a corporation and gain other skills such as learning how to make decisions with a tight budget or how to chance prices at the best time. Economics is uncertain because its fundamental subject matter is not money but human action.

Presentation Skills, too, is a big skill implemented in these courses, this is a very important skill especially for students who want to work in the marketing field. Presentations teach students how to enhance their public speaking skills and build up their confidence. This is also essential for students who have problems in public speaking such stage fright, which stops them from pursuing the career they like.

Personally, I hate speaking when it comes to presenting something I am not fond of but I take this task as a challenge. I have confidence in my own ability to overcome challenges. I need to overcome challenges to rise to the top. I believe there’s nothing arrogant about knowing your strengths and displaying them.

These courses don’t only emphasise on creating professional businesspeople that will be able to survive in today’s competitive world, which is what I am aiming for, but I will also be able to enhance any existing skills that I already have.

If you really want to be successful in the world of business, you need to be a self starter,” My father mentions. Not all of us have the natural tendency to be a go-getter and stay on top of everything. But staying self disciplined and motivated at all times when running a business and striving to become a successful entrepreneur is necessary regardless of the industry you are getting into. Self-discipline requires you to dedicate specific amounts of time to completing projects and tasks that are work-related, which are often more demanding than traditional positions in the workplace today. “If you truly want to be successful in business, you can’t wait for others to check on your progress or give you the motivation to get started.” He continues. Determination has to come from within.

Two roads diverged and I know I made the right choice taking the road to the business world.


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  1. Ms. Jenn says:

    Great job, Katya! 😉 Your diligence, determination, and attitude towards work and life are admirable. When I look and listen to you, I see a young lady in the present making a big difference in the lives of others in the future. Thank you for this blog entry. I encourage you to share it so that more young people like you will be motivated and inspired. 😊💟

    Liked by 1 person

    1. katyafmaz says:

      Thank You, Ms. – not only for this but for the constant motivation and positivity that we can do it! ❤️


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